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Can immigration cause overpopulation issues?

Can immigration cause overpopulation issues?

    • Abaid

      Whether we like it or not, the global population is continuing to grow year after year despite overpopulation issues. One of the main contributing factors to this growth is immigration.

      With the refugee crisis, as well as other foreign people entering the United States bringing their own families, we ought to consider whether overpopulation is a real concern. The debate over immigration has been a big issue in the United States recently. Many would argue that immigrants are causing a strain to our economy. Others would argue, however, that immigrants are creating jobs and stimulating development.

      Immigration raises concerns of overcrowding among some, but ultimately immigration can actually help address the environmental effects of overpopulation. The idea is simple: if immigration policy aims to bring in people who are educated and qualified to do well in our society (i.e., they will likely earn more than the average income), then the projected population growth will be stronger than expected because immigrants will be helping to boost our national economy.


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