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India’s top 4 immigration consultants for Canada

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India’s top 4 immigration consultants for Canada

    • Nisa

      For Indian immigrants, Canada is one of the most popular immigration destinations. In 2015, about 63,000 Indians arrived in Canada. The economic class of applicants in which skilled employees fall is given first priority. Every year, the Canadian visa office receives a large number of applications from India.

      West Vancouver’s West Coast Mapping International

      West Coast Mapping International has been constantly serving immigrants and ex-pats from all over the world. No more wasted time or money finding out about your options. West Coast Mapping knows what you need to know about immigrating to Canada! Their services are geared exclusively towards newcomers to Canada.

      Toronto’s Sunan + Associates

      Sunan+ Associates is a Canadian immigration consulting firm headquartered in Toronto. They’re also one of the best in Canada.

      Aside from Canada, they’re also running visa designations and other sensitive packages for America, the Caribbean, New Zealand, and the African continent.

      Sunan+ Associates is located in Toronto and has offices in Dubai, Qatar, and Australia. Anywhere you’re looking for a Canadian immigration consultant, Sunan+ Associates is already at your side. They also charge a relatively low visa fee.

      Sunan Immigration Consulting

      Sunan is one of the best migration consultants in Canada. Even so, they’re putting on a high-quality show. It’s been voted one of the best immigration consultants for Canada by Canadian Business News and Business Intelligence Group. If you’re interested in immigrating to Canada from India, then the Sunan team is just what you need.

      Based in Toronto, Sunan specializes in Canadian and North American types of immigration applications. Beyond Canada, you can expect to deal with a variety of requests, like refugee and green card designations.

      Their prices are quite affordable in comparison to other companies. Though not the lowest listed on this list, you’re still getting one of the most exceptional immigration service departments we’ve seen.

      In addition to immigration consulting, Sunan also provides full electronic health passes, electronic current driver’s licenses, and certificate of citizenship, certificate of arrival, ex-pat visa, and travel pass.

      Shanghai Immigration Consultancy and Administration

      SAS has opened in Vancouver this year. Here, they’re offering impressive immigration services with the company founded by the talented Ms. Yang Bong.

      They’re also helping to bring here more investors, professionals, and employment and financial advisors, and they’re helping us process our own residency applications. They’re also servicing other country’s immigration applications in Canada.

      SAS International Advisory Services was ranked among the Top 5 In-Canada visa firms, and the Vancouver branch ranked as one of the Top 10 Most Popular Immigration Services Consulting Companies in Vancouver.

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