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Why immigration is important?

Why immigration is important?

    • Abaid

      Immigration doesn’t always get positive press. But immigrants are people, just like you and me, who are looking for a better life for themselves and their families.

      Although there are so many factors that decide the growth of any country, but it’s clear that immigration has played an important role in the rapid growth of all countries. It is because human capital decides the long run income per capita. If this capital is available in the country, all other things remaining the same there will be increase in income per capita.

      Particularly in rich countries, technological progress depends on high quality human capital. So it’s a vital thing for developing countries to attract foreign nationals, including immigrants with high quality human capital in order to promote economic growth and remove poverty.

      Immigration is good for the economy. Immigration adds to diversity. We need more people to work. There is a big gap between the jobs and the workers. We want immigrants to come and to be part of our society and to contribute to our society and we welcome them here and we want them as Americans, because we need them as Americans.

      There are many ways to answer this question, and they all end up in one: immigrating is something that we need. Most western countries suffer from a shortage of workers and scientists, and most developing countries can’t have developed normally because they lack the resources.

      Because of the internet most people can work from home, therefore most people would like to move to better countries to live a better life, therefore the country who accept the most immigrants will be the only country that will become rich and powerful.

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