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US Business/Visitor Visa

3 years ago

US visitor visa or B1/B2 visas are issued to individuals who are traveling to the US for business or tourism purposes. Those who are attending business related events are given B1 visa and those visiting friends or relatives or taking vacation to visit places in the US are issued B2 tourist visas. Both B1 and B2 are non-immigrant visas that do not provide permanent residency or work authorization.

Application procedure

US visa application form

US visa application form is known as DS 160. The form contains questions about your contact details, personal information, passport details, and travel information, if there are any previous trips to the US, questions about your work history and education.

Pay Business Visitor (B1/B2) visa fees

The application fee for a business visa is $160. This fee is non-transferable and non-refundable. After submitting the fee, it is not sure that a visa will be issued.

Appear for a visa interview

It is necessary for visa applicants to appear for an interview (except in certain exemptions). These interviews are held at the US embassy.

B1/B2 visa document files

It is necessary to have all the documents that are required to apply for a B1 visa. The documents that are necessary are:

  • Form DS-160 confirmation code
  • Valid passport
  • Details of social media accounts
  • Passport photos
  • Bank or financial statements that will provide proof that you have enough funds to cover expenses for your trip.
  • Criminal history records (if applicable).
  • Evidence of strong ties to your country that compels you to return after visit.

Attend the interview

On the day of the interview, bring document files. A person shall be prepared to answer the interviewer’s questions.

To be eligible for a US visa, you must have a clear purpose why you are visiting the US. You must also have sufficient funds to cover the expenses of your trip. You must also have the strong ties to your country to compel your return after the visit. US laws assume that every visit visa applicant is an intending immigrant. That means you have to prove to the satisfaction of the consular officer that you will depart the United States after completing your intended visit.

If you have been issued a business visitor visa (B1/B2), it can be either multiple entry or single-entry visa. Multiple entry visa means you do not have to go to the US embassy again for your next trip to obtain visa as long as the visa is not expired or revoked. If you have a single-entry visa, you will need to get visa again for your next visit to the US. Visa has a visa issue date and expiration date. However, your actual length of stay in the US is determined by the immigration officer at the US customs and border protection/port of entry.

It is also possible to extend the length of your stay after being admitted to the US. You should request extension of stay to the USCIS with the valid reasons. If approved, you will be issued a new I-94 that will indicate your new expiration date.

On a business visitor visa, you are not allowed to work or study in the US. However, if your plan has changed after you arrived in the US, you may change your business visitor visa to another category that you intend to do activities. For example: if you changed your mind and now you want to attend a US college or university then your change of status to F-1 status must be approved by the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services). You should contact international student office at the school where you plan to attend to obtain more information about changing status to F-1.



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